yet don’t have the time or the budget to pay for the complete service
(mood boards, research, problem solving, iterations…)
I CAN still HELP YOU get an identity for your business or project.

The following logos, have never been used / sold and are for sale.
The text & colors can be changed.
In the package, not only will you get the logotype in vector & bitmap format,
but also a business card file ready to print, a letterhead and a logo chart sheet.
IF SOLD, a logo will be removed from this page, which means it’ll be sold only once to only one client.


This logo’s mark suits any company working in the construction field, builders, bricklayers or masons.
Can also have a more abstract relation to the word “BUILDING”, as an app maker, or a strategy thinker.

AGAIN, if sold to your company, I will not resell the package to anyone,
and move it from this section to my portfolio with hopefully a little note from a satisfied customer.
I will of course change the name to your company’s and if needed add a tag line, or adapt the font and colors.

— please contact me for details and process. email :

The logos below still need me to develop their identity, if any might fit your needs,
shoot me an email,
you could get a complete job quickly.